SMMFL Contact Info

Aaron Stocking2022-Presidente519-617-0973
Calvin Ritchie2022-Presidente519-365-7542
Kevin PierceFinance519-777-2513
Nate Johnsonex-Presidente519-615-3936
Stephen R CampbellWeb Master519-319-1977
John BoleUmpires (St.Thomas)519-633-7977
Jim HerbertUmpires (St.Thomas)519-631-0511
Base Umpire

St. Thomas and District Umpires' Association Need Umpires for multiple Leagues.

If you are over 16 and looking for work they will start you on the Bases.
They do London, St. Thomas and outside of London as well.
If you live in these towns we could use some base umps in Each Town.
Delaware, Fingal, Glencoe, Alvinston, Dutton, Chippewa
Other areas will need umpires as well.
Moraviatown, Highgate, Charing Cross report to the Chatham Umpires Association.
#SMMFL Umpire Strike Zone #SMMFL